1-2-1 nutrition coaching

great nutrition doesn't have to be complicated

Nutritionist Nutrition Coach Brighton Hove Plant-based

How many times have you tried a new diet, only to fall off the wagon because it's too restrictive, you feel low on energy and the plan includes all the foods that you despise?  Sick and tired of yo-yo dieting?  It doesn't have to be that way.

There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting information available today so it's no wonder you're confused as to which way to turn.  Maybe you know what you should be eating but just don't know how to implement new habits or can't understand why you aren't getting results.

It's time to stop believing in fad diets, detoxes and magic pills and take a new approach for lasting success.  I am here to do just that. I recognise that everyone is different which is why I offer a bespoke coaching system using expertise that will deliver.  Using my simple, realistic and evidence-based approach, I will educate and empower you and together we will create a sustainable diet that incorporates the foods that you enjoy whilst at the same time, reaching your goals.

As a busy mum of two, I fully appreciate how hard it is to juggle and create that work life balance, so I am highly experienced in developing plans to suit the busiest of individuals.

You can be confident that you are getting coaching from a qualified nutritionist with skills including behaviour change, fat loss, performance and pre and post natal nutrition and optimising a plant-based diet (vegan and vegetarian).

What is included?

Optimal nutrition has the power to change your life.

Whether you have little nutrition eduction or are advanced in your knowledge, nutrition coaching can help you.   I provide the tools and we work together to optimise your health and achieve your goals, whether they be fat loss, muscle gain, improved performance or optimising your health.

In addition to your programme you will receive:

  • Weekly check-ins and 30 minute consultation via skype

  • Progress monitoring including body composition and habit tracking

  • Food diary analysis

  • Where applicable, macronutrient breakdown

  • Supplement advice, where applicable

  • Weekly reading and homework to deepen your understanding

  • Free Recipe ebook and meal plan examples

  • Access to an exclusive members only Facebook group

  • Whatsapp or text contact during working hours.

Cost: £140 set up fee and £120 per month thereafter (3-6 months total duration).  It is all done online from the comfort of your own home.  If you are local to Brighton & Hove, I offer consultations at my home or over a coffee at a local cafe.

I am not a registered dietitian and my advice does not intend to replace services provided by such professionals.  I can work alongside such individuals and will refer accordingly.