Here’s what clients have to say about me


“I started as a complete beginner, with little confidence in my abilities. Jesse is very experienced and knowledgable, and was able to encourage even me to achieve good results from training sessions. I even enjoyed exercising, which I never ever thought I would be able to say! Jesse has a calm, supportive style which got the best from me. I have every confidence in her nurturing and holistic approach to fitness.”  Ali, Brighton


"Jesse is great. She gives practical, thoughtful advice. She's especially sympathetic to the challenges of juggling family, work and health so her training plans are always realistic. My health and fitness have improved enormously under her guidance. I couldn't recommend her highly enough." Elaine, Brighton


"Jesse has totally changed my attitude to nutrition through our online sessions. I've spent my life beating myself up about "bad" food and swinging from one diet to another. Now I know more about portions and filling up on the right foods I find myself breaking my old habits of turning to sugar all the time. But also - if I do have a "bad" day she makes me realise there's no such thing. This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle.  The online personal training has made me stronger and given focus to my gym sessions. By focusing on weights I've seen steady progress and I'm enjoying it loads.  I'd recommend Jesse's online personal training, nutrition and coaching for anyone who feels they need that extra help - it's really improved things for me." Laura, Essex


"Every week I look forward to training, she is full of encouragement and motivation. Each session is varied which means it's a surprise week on week. Jesse sets me a personal challenge for the week ahead which keeps me on track and focused. My strength and fitness have increased so much in such a short time. Jesse is a brilliant PT and I recommend anyone just to try 1 session with her...you won't be disappointed. It'll be an hour well spent and I guarantee you'll be back for more!!!!!!" Sue, Brighton


“Having completed my Bmore programme, I am happy that I have continued with the new eating habits I’ve learned and feel I have a new and permanent understanding of nutrition and fitness.  Jesse gave me practical advice to suit my lifestyle.  With tried and tested recipes to suit the foods I already have as well as tips on what to feed my toddler!  She understood my needs perfectly and gave me SMART goals that have been achieved.  She kept me on track and got me back in the kitchen enjoying cooking convenient meals for my family.  Jesse’s approach is so positive.  I felt able to be honest with what I ate and drank (even on the bad days) as I knew she wouldn’t make me feel guilty.  Jesse is inspirational – providing a personalised wellbeing education that will last a lifetime.  Highly recommend!”  Fiona, Brighton


“Jesse takes a holistic, realistic and personal approach to nutrition and fitness. Recognising that nobody’s perfect, and working WITH rather than AGAINST ‘Real Life’ and your own personal preferences, challenges and obstacles, is a really important step in learning a sustainable way to achieve fitness and make healthy choices for life. With Jesse I’m learning how to make changes that will benefit me for a lifetime.”  Trish, Watford, UK